The Perfect Dress for a Junior Bridesmaid

My wedding ceremony featured three young ladies of the tender age of 7 serving as bridesmaids. Each little lady was so honored to be a part of the celebration, and as much as I wanted my day to go off without a hitch, I wanted to make it every bit as special for them as possible, too. I found the perfect junior bridesmaid dresses for these beautiful girls that matched my wedding colors perfectly. When I showed the girls these dresses, they were ecstatic and eagerly began talking about their makeup and the hairstyles they wanted.

I found the best junior bridesmaid dresses at and after browsing the gorgeous styles they offered, I chose the A-Line Spaghetti Strap Burgundy Dress. The wedding was outside, in June, when the weather was hot, so this dress was perfect to keep the girls cool and comfortable during the ceremony. This dress was irresistibly cute and made these little girls look like pint-sized women and this was the perfect day to help them feel all grown up.

The dress is floor length, made of satin so it is every bit as magical as these girls wanted. The dress featured pleats flowing up one side of the dress, with a diamond embellishment at the waist. So cute and matches everything so accordingly. Each told stories of the princess they imagined they were as they wore the dresses. I am so happy with the dresses, Stacee, the prices, and of course my wonderful wedding day.